High Performance

To create a competitive advantage through your people, it's important to be able to link individual performance to strategic organisational goals. This can be achieved by the implementation of a well-designed performance appraisal system. We can help you to implement an appraisal process that enables you to measure performance, identify areas for improvement and provide effective feedback to your people in a way that motivates them to continuously improve. We have worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries to create performance appraisal systems that provide the specific, relevant feedback that people want.  

Performance Appraisal

We develop performance appraisal systems incorporating measurable targets and behavioural competencies. Using objective, measurable data makes the feedback more meaningful and creates a consistent process. It also makes it easier for managers to recognise achievements and help their team members with areas for improvement. We provide coaching for managers in carrying out appraisals and delivering effective feedback.

Individual Development

We can work with individuals in your organisation to improve performance with a coaching programme tailored to their role and personal style. This kind of focussed development activity will help you to build on the key strengths of individuals.  

Our key services to build high performing teams are:

  • Implementing performance appraisal systems
  • Manager coaching
  • Performance coaching for employees