A focus on motivating employees is essential in creating a high-performance workplace. Organisations with high levels of employee motivation get better results and can keep good people for longer. We understand the key drivers of employee motivation and can help you to evaluate and improve satisfaction levels to create a happier workforce and take the stress out of managing people. We can help you to create a working environment where people will be accountable for producing results and motivated to do more than expected. Some of the ways we can do this are:

Goal Setting

People are motivated by having realistic but challenging goals that are relevant to their roles. We will help you to set goals for individuals that keep them focussed on the key responsibilities of their roles and link to strategic business goals. Regular feedback is important and we can help you to implement systems that allow people to track their own progress, encouraging ownership and accountability.  

Measuring and Improving Engagement

Measuring how satisfied your people feel about working for your organisation will help you to identify what you're currently doing well and areas for improvement. We can help you to gather anonymous, open and honest feedback with the use of survey tools, focus groups and exit interviews.  We can also facilitate satisfaction improvement processes. 

Our key services to keep people engaged are:

  • Goal-setting 
  • Implementing key performance indicators
  • Engagement surveys
  • Manager mentoring
  • Implementing communication frameworks
  • Reviewing remuneration and benefits
  • Exit interviews