Selector Insight

Selector Insight is an on-line assessment that offers a statistically-sound psychometric assessment, delivering cost-effective and speedy behavioural profiling that will greatly enhance your recruitment processes. The Selector Insight report uses clear and concise language and does not require formal training to interpret.  However, support is available if the report requires clarification. Candidates will be able to complete this assessment in approximately one hour.

Selector Insight provides feedback in the following areas:

Ability Measure

This optional feature of Selector Insight provides an overview of a candidate's verbal, numerical, logical and overall reasoning abilities.

Personal Style

This section investigates the candidate's interpersonal style, including self-confidence, openness to new ideas, extraversion and competitiveness.

Ideal Working Environment

Aspects such as the candidate's preference for autonomy, interaction, complexity and numerous other job characteristics are described in practical terms.

Ideal Job

Candidate's job preferences are ordered from most to least desirable.  This allows for further clarification about whether the role being offered will suit their interests and requirements.


A candidate's typical reactions to pressure and stress are measured and compared with the average reaction across a number of factors including anxiety, withdrawal, distraction and physical reactions to stress.

Clear Decision Making

Adding behavioural profiling to your recruitment regime gives you an extra dimension to the picture you create of each candidate.  This provides insight into the candidate's character, beyond their technical qualifications, that they may not even have been aware of themselves.

For more information about the Selector Insight assessment tool, or to set up an assessment, please contact us.