HR Strategy

I work with you to develop an HR strategy that supports ongoing business success and growth

My process is designed to take your business beyond HR compliance and have a clear path for creating a great business culture with happy and high performing employees. This is how it works:

Support Services

If you need support with the implementation of your HR strategy, I can offer a range of services

Progress reviews

A monthly meeting with you to review progress and provide feedback and guidance

HR consulting

Providing HR consulting services to you on an ad hoc basis

Connection to HR specialists

If you need to engage specialist services to implement your HR strategy, I can connect you to the right people

Leadership development

Leadership training programme with my training partner

Client Outcomes


Building a dream team

My HR strategies empower clients to hire the right people to achieve business goals

The strategy:    

  • Detailed job descriptions and person specifications for each role
  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • Structured interviewing processes, including behavioural interviews
  • Involvement of team members in the recruitment process
  • Psychometric assessment of candidates
  • Thorough reference checking and testing
  • Setting the new hire up for success with a detailed induction plan

Client feedback:

format_quoteCarole has worked with me primarily in the area of recruitment and we have developed a more structured process that ensures we select the right people to form a high performing team.

Let’s build a dream team for your business

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People Management

I develop strategies with clients to clearly communicate performance expectations and achieve goals 

The strategy:    

  • Collaboration with employees to understand their needs for feedback
  • Implementing measurable KPI’s
  • Development of a behavioural competency framework
  • Design of a performance appraisal system that provides specific feedback for each role
  • Upskilling managers to provide constructive feedback

Client feedback:

format_quoteCarole designed and implemented a staff performance appraisal system which has enabled us to give very specific feedback and to resolve issues and develop people more quickly. In the past, we spent more time managing poor performers, now we have a greater focus on turning already good performing people into high performers. A much better investment of time.

Let’s create a process to get the best out of your team

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Getting the best out of your team and preventing people issues

Employee Experience

Creating a great business culture with happy and high performing employees

My HR strategies guide my clients to create a working environment that retains good people and attracts new talent

The strategy:    

  • Feedback from employees on their experience
  • Collaboration with employees on continuous improvement
  • Establishing shared vision and values
  • Leadership development

Client feedback:

format_quoteCarole knows how to balance the personal needs of the people with those of the business to achieve the best outcome for both. Her expertise, experience and best practice approach gives us confidence that our HR matters are in good hands.

Let’s work together to create a great culture for your business

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