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As a business owner, do you struggle with...

Finding & retaining high-quality staff?


Investing time & money into hiring people who don't work out?


Dealing with the fallout from recruitment mistakes?

With the right support you can start creating the team you always wanted

Let Peoplekind support you with recruitment. After working with business owners for over 20 years, we can confidently tell you that if you want your business to grow, you need to start with your people. We’ll use our extensive hiring experience and a thorough selection process to find the right people for your business.

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Carole Bates, expert recruiter

I specialize in working with businesses to help them build a strong team for sustainable growth. No matter what the industry, the "matchmaking" process of recruitment is hugely rewarding, from getting to the bottom of what it takes to be successful in a role to presenting a candidate who can deliver what my client needs.

By "unbundling" the recruitment process, I can offer you affordable solutions. You can access expert support as and when you need it to get the hiring process right.

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Our Services


We find the right person for your business from defining the role to negotiating an offer.



You decide when you need expert support and select the services you need.



Psychometric testing gives you more certainty that your candidate is the right fit.

Client feedback


Carole has helped to build a strong team. I feel confident when I hire someone Carole has recommended that they will be the right choice and there will be no surprises.


Working with Carole has resulted in making better hiring decisions such that we now have a great team of employees that is supporting the success of the business.