Terms of Trade

We believe in establishing professional relationships with clients and delivering services on a "no surprises" basis.  We complete assignments on budget and within agreed timeframes.  Because our services are tailored to best suit the needs of each client, we are happy to meet with new clients for a free one hour consultation to obtain a briefing on your people development needs and provide feedback on how we can help you.  We will provide a written proposal confirming the details of the work to be done, an estimate of our costs and a delivery deadline.

Professional Standards

All work done by Peoplekind Consulting will be in line with the professional and ethical standards of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and the International Association of Coaches.

Letter of Engagement

New clients sign a letter of engagement which further details our terms of trade.

Contact Us

If you've identified a need to improve your people development processes, please contact us to schedule a time for a free one hour consultation.