I have been calling on Carole as a trusted HR expert over many years. She has always provided our business with just the right level of support, from straight forward advice to in-depth consulting and coaching. She knows how to balance the personal needs of the people with those of the business to achieve the best outcome for both. She always provides quick, competent and friendly service. As a small business, we can't value Carole's contributions highly enough. Her expertise, experience and best practice approach gives us confidence that our HR matters are in good hands. We wouldn't want to be without her!

Daniela Hasler, Flying Canoe


Thank you for helping me to recruit a Senior Account Manager for Purple Sherbet PR. This has been a challenging assignment, due to a shortage of candidates in the market, but I’m happy that we’ve found a great person. I felt that the process was very thorough and we were able to move quickly when we found the right person. As a small business owner, I like the fact that you recruit on a consulting basis – this was a cost-effective service. I look forward to working with you again.

Lisa Powlesland, Purple Sherbet 


I have worked with some highly qualified, talented and wonderful HR consultants and Carole is up there with the best of them. We have been very fortunate to have her on our team. 

Carole has built trust and excellent relationships with our entrepreneurial clients who are owners/directors and senior management. She also works with people at all levels across each business.

Carole is one of the most consistent, measured and professional people I have had the pleasure of working with. She is knowledgeable and practices best practice in all she does. Her judgment, even under considerable pressure is excellent. Carole is a great listener and asks in-depth and intelligent questions, which is so important in any HR role. Carole is also a particularly capable recruiter.

Sally Hennah, Director Shine HR


Carole has worked with me primarily in the area of recruitment and we have developed a more structured process that ensures we select the right people to form a high performing team. The services provided by Carole have included drafting detailed position descriptions for new roles, screening candidates, facilitating interviews and carrying out reference checking. I value Carole's input into the selection of staff for Extenday, not only because she has built up an intimate knowledge of the business, but also because she is very thorough and insightful in her assessment of candidates and careful to ensure that they are a good fit for the company.

I find Carole to be highly professional in her approach, with a strong commitment to best practice in her consulting work but still flexible enough to adapt her services for Extenday. Working with Carole has resulted in Extenday making better hiring decisions such that we now have a great team of employees that is supporting the success of the business.

Jonathan Toye, CEO Extenday


Carole has been coaching me over the past few months to be more effective in managing my time and staying on top of a very busy role. Now I have a completely different approach to planning and prioritising, with a stronger focus on planning ahead to ensure that my most important responsibilities are given enough attention and managed well. I no longer get bogged down in unimportant, low-priority tasks. I recently got a pay-rise, which I don't think would have happened without Carole's support.

Tenille, EA


We have been working with Carole for about 10 years. The decision to work with Carole of Peoplekind has assisted our business with our people processes which in my experience most small businesses struggle with. It is a very complex world for employers, especially in our new COVID-19 environment. If you are focused on building for your organisation a professional team of good people, I highly recommend you have a coffee with Carole. Peoplekind says it all about Carole's approach to one of the most important parts of your business, your people.

Steve Morris, Director Morris and Associates Financial Advisers


Hi Carole, I just wanted to say thanks. The systems I set up over the last 2 years (from your courses) have saved me a lot of time. I now have an induction pack that makes employing a new person a 10 minute exercise. For my major positions I have also been rigorously interviewing / testing / referencing every person. Just this week I wanted to immediately hire a new person from gut feel from the interview on the spot. The reference checking uncovered that she was a very troublesome person (and that another person I had ranked low I ended hiring due to some glowing references). A very near bad decision that would have cost me thousands as she would have distracted me from core jobs.

Also this year I have only had 24 people leave, compared with 33 the year before (and this year I have two branches where last year I only had one) - so my turnover of staff has decreased significantly. Most of these are part-time students. etc. My main people are generally very stable now.

Jeremy Dixon, Revive Cafe


Carole has worked with Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd to review and update employment agreements and job descriptions for staff in our Auckland and Christchurch operations.  I now feel confident that we have accurate and legally compliant documentation in place to support effective HR processes. Carole has also supported our managers in recruiting for key positions, with the applications and interpretation of psychometric assessments.

We have found Carole very professional in her approach and she relates well to our management team and to staff.  She is careful to agree outcomes with us at the start of a project and shows a strong commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering quality results within agreed budgets.

Carole has been a pleasure to work with as her highly skilled and professional approach is further assisted by her personal passion, attention to detail and easily approachable style.  She has a strong ability to work through sensitive matters with a high degree of confidentiality and compassion. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carole's services.

Sean Delaney, Viscount Plastics (NZ)


Carole designed and implemented a staff performance appraisal system which has enabled us to give very specific feedback and to resolve issues and develop people more quickly. In the past, we spent more time managing poor performers, now we have a greater focus on turning already good performing people into high performers.  A much better investment of time.

Dianne Ludwig, Gosling Chapman