Tenille, EA

Carole has been coaching me over the past few months to be more effective in managing my time and staying on top of a very busy role. Now I have a completely different approach to planning and prioritising, with a stronger focus on planning ahead to ensure that my most important responsibilities are given enough attention and managed well. I no longer get bogged down in unimportant, low-priority tasks. I recently got a pay-rise, which I don't think would have happened without Carole's support.

Jonathan Toye, CEO, Extenday

Carole Bates of Premier Performance has provided consulting services to Extenday since 2004 to support me in the people management side of my business.

Carole has worked with me primarily in the area of recruitment and we have developed a more structured process that ensures we select the right people to form part of a high performing team.  The services provided by Carole have included drafting detailed position descriptions for new roles, screening candidates, facilitating interviews and carrying out reference checking.  I value Carole's input into the selection of staff for Extenday, not only because she has built up an intimate knowledge of the business, but also because she is very thorough and insightful in her assessment of candidates and careful to ensure that they are a good fit for the company.

I find Carole to be highly professional in her approach, with a strong commitment to best practice in her consulting work but still flexible enough to adapt her services for Extenday. Working with Carole has resulted in Extenday making better hiring decisions such that we now have a great team of employees that is supporting the success of the business.

I have no hesitation in recommending Carole's services.

Jeremy Dixon, Revive Café

“Hi Carole

I just want to say thanks for the great courses I attended a couple of years back at WHK via the enterprise training scheme.  Your solid, simple advice has helped my business significantly.  I though you may want to hear some of the stories of how your training has helped me ….

The systems I set up over the last 2 years (from your courses) have saved me a lot of time  - I now have an induction pack with a DVD intro, standard contracts, staff manual, job descriptions etc. that make employing a new person a 10 minute exercise.

For my major positions I also have been rigorously testing/ interviewing/ referencing every person.  Just this week I wanted to immediately hire a key person on gut feel from the interview on the spot.  The reference checking uncovered she was a very troublesome person, (and that another person I had ranked low I ended up hiring due to some glowing references).  A very near bad decision that would have cost me thousands as she would have distracted me from core jobs.

Also this year I have only 24 people leave compared with 33 the year before (and this year I have 2 branches where last year I had only 1) – so my turnover of staff has decreased significantly. Most of these are part time students etc, my main people are generally very stable now.

While I still do not do them as often as I want to (as I have 14 staff) – the appraisals work like gold with employees.  The 1,2,3 ranking just seems to work.
So thanks again for your wisdom from the course – it has allowed me to spend more time focusing on growing my business and more importantly taking time off with peace knowing that I have the right people on the job!”

Tanya Potter, General Manager, Campbell Tyson Cooper White Limited

"We used Premier Performance to re-write our performance appraisal system with a strong focus on behavioural competencies.  Carole met with a selection of people from across the firm to learn what their roles entailed and where the focus needed to be for each specific role and their relevant performance appraisal form.

The performance appraisals have been received favourably by the staff.  They find them much easier to use and they are written in such a way that it is very clear what is being measured.

Carole was always prepared to listen to us.  If we had any concerns / suggestions she was keen to bounce ideas off each other about how we could best make it work.

We would have no hesitation in using Carole again.  We found her very professional, mindful of costs and the best way of achieving the desired outcome, and motivated to meet our timeframes.  She always kept us in the loop through regular updates re her progress against the project's milestones".

Sean Delaney, General Manager, Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd

"Carole has worked with Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd to review and update employment agreements and job descriptions for staff in our Auckland and Christchurch operations.  I now feel confident that we have accurate and legally compliant documentation in place to support effective HR processes. 

Carole has also supported our managers in recruiting for key positions, with the applications and interpretation of psychometric assessments.

We have found Carole very professional in her approach and she relates well to our management team and to staff.  She is careful to agree outcomes with us at the start of a project and shows a strong commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering quality results within agreed budgets.

Carole has been a pleasure to work with as her highly skilled and professional approach is further assisted by her personal passion, attention to detail and easily approachable style.  She has a strong ability to work through sensitive matters with a high degree of confidentiality and compassion.

Premier Performance provides ongoing HR support to Viscount Plastics and I would have no hesitation in recommending Carole's services.  I am happy to be contacted to provide a verbal reference."

Dianne Ludwig, Former Principal of Gosling Chapman Accountants

"Carole designed and implemented a staff performance appraisal system which has enabled us to give very specific feedback and to resolve issues and develop people more quickly.
In the past, we spent more time managing poor performers, now we have a greater focus on turning already good performing people into high performers.  A much better investment of time."