Selector Professional

Selector Professional is a comprehensive assessment aimed at the selection senior management candidates. This in-depth assessment will take candidates approximately 2 and a half hours to complete online. The report is analysed by a trained interpreter who produces a full, written profile.

Selector Professional provides feedback in the following areas:

Reasoning Ability

A measure of the candidate's intellectual or reasoning ability and how they are interested in learning. 

Interpersonal Style

How do they interact with other people? Are they outgoing, dominant, tactful or a team player?

Work Style

How do they approach their work? What is their level of attention to detail, energy and drive?

Reaction to Stress

How do they cope when things go wrong? Do they get angry and withdrawn and doubt themselves or do they thrive?

Vocational Interests

What are their vocational preferences? Are they analytical, practical or creative?

Unique Feature of Selector Professional

Selector Professional can identify both the level at which a candidate prefers to do something and the actual frequency with which they are doing it. This provides a valuable insight into areas of their current role they may be disappointed with and will prompt you to think about whether your role is a better fit.

For more information about Selector Professional, or to set up an assessment, please contact us.