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  • How to discuss performance problems with employees
    It's challenging to address performance problems but following these 5 steps will help you to master the process.
    Posted: Thursday 28 September 2023
  • How to set goals for your employees
    Setting clear, measurable goals gets people focused on results and improves productivity.
    Posted: Friday 7 July 2023
  • How to make flexible working arrangements work
    With more employees demanding flexible working arrangements, how can employers overcome challenges to get the best out of a flexi workforce?
    Posted: Thursday 18 May 2023
  • Driving high performance in SME's
    Driving high performance in SME's means getting the essential steps of best-practice people management right to create a competitive advantage through people.
    Posted: Thursday 9 February 2023
  • Plain language gets results
    Plain language adds value to people management because it gets everyone on the same page. Find out what plain language means and how you can become a plain language communicator.
    Posted: Monday 28 November 2022
  • Communicate to motivate
    Effective communication with your teams can have a significant impact on keeping people engaged in their work and focussed on the right priorities to support the success of your business
    Posted: Wednesday 2 February 2022
  • Coaching for performance
    The use of coaching to enhance performance in organisations has grown significantly in the past 20 years. An article published in the Journal of Positive Psychology reports on a study to determine whether coaching works.
    Posted: Monday 1 November 2021
  • How to be a good listener
    A good listener listens with the intention of understanding and uses the techniques outlined below to do this:
    Posted: Monday 1 November 2021
  • Time management
    If you want to achieve more and successfully conquer the overwhelm of modern, fast-paced life, the following steps will help you to achieve your goals, while maintaining effective work-life balance.
    Posted: Monday 1 November 2021

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